New Signage Attempts to Push Crime Where it Belongs: Aurora

With the encouragement of the Stapleton Principal HOA, the City of Denver has adjusted an Eastbridge sign to make it clearer where criminals and Aurorans should be headed. “We have had too many gun shots and gun incidences in recent weeks to not make some sort of change,” said Stapleton Principal HOA President Paul Harris. “We feel the new sign is an improvement, especially for criminals and Aurorans who have a hard time reading. The symbol should be helpful.” Eastbridge and Bluff Lake residents are hoping the new signage has a positive effect. “At this point, I think we are willing to try anything,” said Bluff Lake resident Adam Miller. “If we aren’t going to get our wall, we need to keep trying other alternatives.” Eastbridge resident Dana Wolfe is also hopeful the signage will make for some positive changes. “Sometimes little things like this can make big changes,” said Wolfe. “Even it diverges 10% of the crime, it can be a big help.” Some area residents are not encouraged by the new look sign. “It just looks pretty tacky to have a firearm on a sign right outside of a nice residential neighborhood,” said resident Kristen Doyle. “Now I have to go out of my way to give friends and relatives an alternative route so that they are not driving by the sign on the way to our place.” Shane Barnum agrees. “Do we really think telling them that if they are criminals they need to go around will work?” asked Barnum. “That is pretty ridiculous. We’d have a better chance of paying someone to hold one of those spinning arrow things with a sign that said ‘payday loans.’” Harris says the sign will remain for a least three months before making any decisions on changes. “We will evaluate its effectiveness,” said Harris. “If it is helping, we will keep it. If not, back to the drawing board.”]]>

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