Stapleton Mom Starts “Wine” Jar to Reduce Children’s’ Whining

Stapleton mom Kristi Harves had enough. Her kids live a life most all kids outside of Stapleton would do anything for. They have two loving and attentive parents who dote on them. They have friends in the neighborhood, are involved in extracurricular activities, go on great vacations, have nice clothes and toys, and on and on. Yet, somehow with all of that, they find things to complain about. “It’s really unbelievable,” said Kristi. “They have great lives, but inevitably, they will find something to whine about on a daily basis. Whether it’s wanting peanut butter and jelly instead of spaghetti and meatballs, or maybe they didn’t want to wear a particular outfit, or go hiking. There is always something they are finding to grumble about.” After several talks regarding “little things versus big things” and trying to have the kids think globally and understand how bad other people have it, Harves finally decided to try something new. “Nothing was working,” said Harves. “We would talk about kids in other countries, about homeless people, and yet, they can still get mad if their ski coat isn’t the color they wanted. So, I decided to hit ‘em where it hurts. Their wallets.” Harves decided that every time the kids whined about something, she would take money from their piggy banks and put it in her “wine” jar which she would use to purchase a nice bottle of wine for her and her husband when it fills up. “Even though the kids don’t completely understand the concept of money, they definitely like getting money from the tooth fairy and from relatives. So taking that away from them will definitely hurt and prove a point to them,” said Harves. So far, the strategy seems to be working. “Sure, it was a slow start, and the wine jar has filled up quickly,” said Harves. “But, now, at dinner time, they are much better about eating what is in front of them afraid that any complaint may cause me to run up the stairs and pilfer their piggy banks.” Harves says it’s something any couple struggling with complaining kids should institute. “It’s working for us. Plus, hey, free wine.”]]>

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