Soopers Shifts Money Away from Eastbridge Store; Seriously Cites “Household Budget Issues”

For some weeks now, there has been speculation that the Eastbridge King Soopers opening would be delayed until June. The disappointing news has recently been confirmed by King Soopers. “We had things come up at some other stores unexpectedly,” said Soopers spokesperson Kaela Gordon. “So, we are simply shifting money away from the Eastbridge project and moving it towards the projects where that money is needed. Thank you so much for your understanding.” Gordon went on to dumb down the explanation further by putting it in terms residents could understand. “It’s exactly like a household budget,” said Gordon. “Sometimes, your water heater breaks, so now you have to get it fixed. But now, that $2000 can’t go towards another project you were considering. It makes sense, right?” Sort of. Except King Soopers is a subsidiary of Kroger, which has revenues of about $110 billion and a net income of about $2 billion. So, in the “household budget” comparison, it would be as if the person who had a water heater go out, also had wealthy parents who could easily afford to help pay for the water heater and simply ask the money eventually be paid back free of interest. The explanation isn’t sitting well with Eastbridge residents. “I guess I feel like if they really wanted to, they could have found the money somewhere,” said frustrated Eastbridge resident Owen Kurtz. “Kroger is a huge company. They could have figured something out.” Jim Townsend agrees. “They have to just be jerking us around, right?” said Townsend. “No way they don’t have the money or don’t have a way of figuring it out. It doesn’t make any sense.” Gordon is assuring residents the Eastbridge store, originally supposed to open this fall, will be completed, most likely early this summer. However, residents are convinced there will be more delays. “Honestly, I am looking forward to their next dumbed down excuse of an explanation,” said Kurtz. So are we.]]>

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