Stapleton Child Eats Chicken Nuggets for 43rd Consecutive Day

Stapleton five year old Kyle Graham is a normal Stapleton child in almost every way. He enjoys playing with his friends, riding his bike, playing with his toys, and watching movies. Like most kids, he also eats a lot of chicken nuggets. A LOT of chicken nuggets. In fact, Kyle has eaten chicken nuggets for 43 days in a row. “I like them,” said Kyle when asked why he eats so many chicken nuggets. “I like catsup, and I like that they are shaped like dinosaurs. They taste good in my belly.” Kyle’s mom Kristen isn’t concerned about her son’s chicken nugget diet. “It’s not like that’s the only thing he eats at all,” said Kristen. “And it’s not like every meal. He has a different breakfast, then nuggets for dinner or lunch. And of course, eats something else the other meal. So, not that big of a deal.” Nutritionist Dr. Adam Keating agrees. “It’s really not that big of a deal at this age,” said Keating. “The bigger issue would be just getting them to be more adventurous and trying different things so they don’t develop it as a serious, long-term habit. It won’t be as healthy as they get older, but for now, it’s not going to destroy his health.” Mom Kristen says she will eventually start weaning him off of them. “Pretty soon, we will go down to four days a week, then three and so on.” Kristen says she has no intention of having Kyle go for the record. “I have no idea if there is a record for eating nuggets so many days in a row. Whether there is or not, we won’t be going for it.” ]]>

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