Stapleton Family Certain New Nanny Will “Work Out Great”

The Harves family has a four year old son and a one year old daughter. Both parents, Steve and Angi, are working parents, so they have needed the help of a nanny since their son was born. “We originally had a nanny-share, which was great,” says Angi. “The timing with the other Stapleton family worked out well, it was nice for our baby to have a little friend, and the nanny was really good.” This situation worked for over a year until the nanny decided to take a teaching job. “We knew it wasn’t going to be forever, but it was still hard to see her go,” said Angi. The families then hired another nanny who worked for both families for about another year. “Again, that system worked out well, but both of us were pregnant with another child so knew we would have to go our own direction. So, after we had our second, we had to start looking for a new nanny. The process is always stressful.” The family made a decision, which they ultimately regretted. “The gal we hired clearly didn’t have her heart in it,” said Angi. “She lasted about a month, and we had to let her go. It was a really tough situation.” They immediately had to scramble to find someone new. “We were able to find someone who we liked, and she began working with us. She has been great.” But, after six months, the latest nanny is moving on to a new opportunity in Arizona. “We wish her nothing but the best. But, now, we need to find someone new.” The Harves’ began looking into various web sites and posted on different Stapleton community sites to find help for their two little ones. “We got a lot of responses and help from the community, which is great,” said Angi. The couple interviewed several candidates, again, and ultimately decided on Alli. “We are really excited,” said Angi. “The kids loved her, and we just think it is going to work out great.” We are sure it will. Hiring a nanny always seems to work out perfectly. ]]>

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