Resident Goes Solar Just to Keep Solar Companies from Knocking on His Door

Tom Pecenka has been a Stapleton resident for eight years and considers himself environmentally conscience. “We recycle what we can and try to not be wasteful with water,” said Tom. ”We don’t compost yet, mostly because I’m too lazy to learn about what it takes to compost. But I’m sure we’ll get there.” Pecenka has also long considered getting solar panels, but until recently, hadn’t had the time to sit down and discuss it with a representative. “We had a guy knock on our door one afternoon, we were both here, so we decided to talk to him,” said Pecenka. “And now it looks like we are going that direction.” Pecenka is aware of the basic advantages of going solar, such as adding value to his home, getting less expensive and eventually free energy, and being environmentally responsible. “All those things are definitely great,” said Pecenka. “The tax credit is also nice, as far as timing, because when administrations change, that could go away. But the truth is, the main reason I am going solar is that it is probably the easiest way to get solar companies to stop knocking on my door,” said Pecenka. “Yes, we are excited about the benefits, but I knew until I went solar, that knocking wasn’t going to stop. Where do those solar reps get all of their energy? Probably the sun. Anyway, I’m excited the knocking will finally stop, or I will just be able to say, ‘sorry, under contract.’” Pecenka suggests his neighbors “stop the knocking and go solar.” ]]>

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