Stapleton Residents Must Be Wary of Fake News

The recent election has brought to the forefront the growing trend of fake news sites and highly skewed news reporting. In fact, of stories posted on Facebook, almost 40% of right-leaning stories were fake and about 20% of left-leaning news stories were made-up. Many political scientists believe these stories ultimately affected the outcome of the presidential election. This disturbing trend is not unique to the national landscape. Hyper-local environments have gotten into the act as well with our Stapleton community being a target over the last several years. This false reporting or fake news has caused controversy and conflict among Stapleton residents all at the expense of those posting these stories. It is unclear of the motives of those who post this nonsense, but it is clear Stapleton is being targeted. These stories are then shared through social media where members of the community engage in passionate discussions about something which was never true in the first place. Here are some examples of comments on false news stories which we found with a very simple search.

  • Sandy was upset after reading an article about cold weather runners being ticketed for making other residents feel bad about themselves. “Yes, let’s make laws to keep people from feeling bad about themselves. I know the only reason to run is to make other people feel fat, lazy, and wimpy. Not for making anyone feel good about themselves, to give them the sanity and clarity to be a good spouse, parent, and member of society, or to not be a fat, lazy wimp. Ridiculous! I hope this is some sort of silly joke.”
  • Dave was upset about the control tower being renovated to be a control tower. “So not pleased about this!!! I live right next to this, and I’m not sure I would have bought my home had I known they would do this.”
  • Kara believed there was a “Bob” and an actual argument over being able to hang a University of Phoenix flag. “…eventually people start to see that an online education is just as good as any traditional walk-in University. I congratulate Bob on getting his degree. This is what is important, and whether he has pride in his school, his sport, or whatever he feels passionate about, his wife should support him and allow the flag to be raised…”
  • Dana felt a triage center at Stapleton pocket parks was too much. But, of course, there never were any triage centers. “WHAT??? This quote from the article states the problem. ‘The problem is that most of the parents are there socializing, checking their email, or reading. So, they really weren’t paying attention to the mischief their kids were getting into.’ This is outrageous that a parent is expecting someone else to take care of what happens to their child because they get hurt because the parents are too busy to pay attention. Sorry but that is just not my problem. No to the rise in the HOA.”
  • Seth believed there was outrage over the “balloon running man“. “For Christ’s sake, can’t anything be white anymore- all lives matter and this balloon man happens to be white. Why don’t we paint all the political buildings black- will that satisfy the movement? There is a point when things get ridiculous and I think it was just reached.”
  • Andrea bought into the fact that the Eastbridge King Soopers wouldn’t have a parking lot. “No parking lot…are you kidding me. I won’t be shopping at a grocery store that I can’t find an easy place to park!!”
  • Davis argued against helicopter sorties protecting Stapletonians. “Community security is an important issue but I feel this program is not cost effective. It has been demonstrated that the kind of crime that the program targets can best be thwarted using “Boots on the Ground”. A good neighborhood watch program would be far more effective as well as far less expensive. Let’s be prudent in the use of our MCA funds.”
  • Stephanie was disappointed in a new screening process to live in Stapleton. “Is this for real? I can’t believe something like this is even being considered. If those are the qualifications than I wouldn’t have been allowed to buy here. I drive a jeep and am single. So if I don’t have kids I’m not welcome? This is very upsetting and makes me now embarrassed to live here.”
  • Andrew saw a potential law suit with a Stapleton HOA banning children. “This won’t last. I don’t foresee a court in the country that would side with the HOA. Start the timer on the suit being filed.”
These are just a handful of the many fake news stories which have caused confusion and stress in the Stapleton community. So, if you read a story which seems a little outlandish about our community, make sure to check the source. Or simply check The Stapletonion. If we’re not reporting it, it’s probably made up.]]>

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