Community Cultural Center (The Cube) to be Mostly Used for Second Stapleton Weddings

The Stapleton Principal HOA recently opened up a new community cultural arts center, which is being dubbed “The Cube.” The intent of The Cube was to provide a cultural arts center for such activities as small concerts, dance performances, theatre, or even art auctions. “The idea behind The Cube was to add a place where the Principal HOA can host cultural or arts events, or residents can reserve the space for that purpose,” said Principal HOA Marketing Director Nicole Schultz. “I am sure there are lots of things we haven’t thought of yet, but this is going to be a great thing for the community.” The space is about 3,000 square feet, and can even include a small stage. “We can sit 225 people, 300 without the stage,” said Schultz. “We are really excited about the possibilities.” To date, the majority of inquiries from residents have not necessarily been in regards to cultural events, according to Schultz. “PTA members have contacted us in regards to hosting fundraising parties and other groups have wanted to have small dinners or parties,” said Schultz. “But the majority of reservations we have coming up are weddings for couples living in Stapleton. Usually second weddings.” Annie Campbell and Troy Geary are one of those couples. “We were looking into some place convenient and inexpensive since it is a second wedding for both of us,” said Campbell. “When The Cube opened, we thought it would be perfect. We really loved the layout, and since we both live in Stapleton and a lot of our friends are in Stapleton, it should be perfect. Plus, having it this close is also a great way to stick in the eye of our exes.” Another soon to be second wife, Becky Knight agrees. “It’s a really great location,” said Knight. “And we can even get booze close by and of course several catering options. We are trying to keep it simple and fun. This way, it won’t have to be a big ‘to do’ for all of our Stapleton friends.” Schultz says the weddings are welcome despite not being The Cube’s intended purpose. “We will absolutely allow the community to use the facilities for weddings,” said Schultz. “I guess we would prefer things more along the lines of art events not involving lots of alcohol. But the first question everyone asks us about the space is, ‘do we allow alcohol.’ So, we kind of need to make sure we are adapting to needs and are encouraging people to use the space.” Those interested in having their second weddings, fundraisers, and beer and wine tastings at The Cube, can click The Cube for more information.]]>

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