Family Discards Old Toys Kids Don’t Play with to Make Room for New Toys Kids Won’t Play With

As the holidays near, the Joyner family realizes they need to get rid of some old toys and gifts from the past. “We just have so much junk the kids don’t even play with, and in some cases, never played with,” said father of three Ryan Joyner. “With Christmas coming up, we need to make some room so we can even have a place to put some new toys. It was really a long time coming, and we still have a lot of work to do.” Ryan says that they have already emptied out five large boxes with more ready to be filled. “It’s hard because we see all these toys we thought they would love, but really, all they loved was opening the present and taking it out of the box before moving to the next thing.” What makes this exercise so tough for the Joyners is that they know they will be doing the exact same thing in two years after spending hundreds of dollars on toys the kids hardly played with again. “I’m not sure why we even do this,” said Ryan. “They end up liking one, maybe two things, and everything else gets about 20 minutes of attention total. Then, it goes in a drawer, or the back room in the basement, or under a bed to never be found or used again. Maybe we need to do a better job of buying things they want. Or, maybe we just need to buy fewer things.” That may be the best shopping advice we get all season. ]]>

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