Stapleton Man Busy With Home Maintenance Projects for Wife’s Divorced Friends

With two kids, a job, a wife and a house, Dave Halsor already had a pretty demanding schedule. “I am typically out the door for work by seven,” said Dave. “The days I am not, it’s because I am taking the kids to school. Then, if I leave work before 5:30 it’s so I can get to one of the kids’ extracurricular activities.” Dave also keeps busy on the weekends. “Of course, there are typically plenty of things going on with the kids, and there are all sorts of things to do around the house. My wife either has me fixing something or changing something out that she doesn’t like. There’s definitely not a lot of time for rest.” Recently, Dave is getting increasingly busy. “A lot of my wife’s Stapleton friends have become divorced over the last couple of years,” said Dave. “And, inevitably, they have some home maintenance issue with their homes. My wife hears about it, and then volunteers my assistance. There’s really no way of getting out of it at that point.” Dave said there are some benefits to helping his wife’s newly single friends. “It does get me out of my house and away from my stress, my kids and my projects,” said Dave. “Also, her friends usually pay me in beer or whiskey which is nice. And they are really appreciative. If I have a project at my house, there is no ‘thank you.’ It’s either done or not done.” Dave says he will continue to help out his wife’s friends until his beer fridge and whiskey cabinet are full. After that, the ladies will need to find a new man.]]>

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