Stay at Home Mom Laughs in Husband’s Face After He Tells Her, “My Job is Harder”

Stay at home mom Jennifer Mason has a three year old and a one year old at their home in Conservatory Green. Prior to having their first child, Jennifer worked in an office as a Director of Marketing. “I definitely enjoyed my job and the challenges that went with it,” said Mason. “But, after having our first baby, and looking into the options, we decided that it would be better for me to stay home. We also knew we were going to have more kids, so it just made sense that I didn’t go back to work at the time.” Jennifer says she does want to go back to the working world again, but not until both kids are in school. “I definitely miss it, if not for just getting out of the house,” said Jennifer. “So, once the kids are in full time school, I will probably get back into the working world.” Last week, while in a small argument with her spouse, her husband made the mistake of saying, “I wish I could do what you do. My job is so much harder.” Immediately after making the comment, husband Jeff was surprised to have Jennifer begin laughing uncontrollably in his face. “I really couldn’t believe he said it,” said Jennifer. “It was absolutely hilarious. I mean, the guy quality checks TPS reports or whatever, and I’m here making sure our kids are getting the right kind of attention and upbringing. When he makes a mistake at work, who cares, right? What if my three year old starts choking, or if one falls down the stairs, or if any number of things happen you stress about as a stay at home parent. I mean, really? I’m taking the best possible care of our kids while you are gone nine hours a day, and he thinks his job is stressful.” In hindsight, Jeff realizes he chose his words poorly. “It’s something I maybe shouldn’t have said,” said Jeff. “After she finished laughing, she easily ran through a litany of things she has to do on a daily and weekly basis, all of which were much more difficult than what I do at my office. Sure, I wish I could spend more time with the kids, but dear God, it sounds like it is a lot of work.” Jeff says he plans to choose his words more carefully next time. “If I say anything, I may just say I had a tough week or something. I won’t be comparing my job to her staying at home, that’s for sure. Because there’s really no comparison, I guess.” Or at least one that’s not laughable, Jeff.]]>

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