Wicker Park Brochure Tricks Couple in to Thinking It’s Affordable

The Penningroths have been married for three years and were excited to take the next step in their lives. “We have been living in the Highlands for the last five years, and decided we are ready to start our family,” said John. “We have some friends that live over in Stapleton, and like a lot of people with kids or getting ready to have kids, we thought we should check out Stapleton.” The couple thought it would be fun to look into new homes, or even new builds, so they began looking at Wicker Park, one of Stapleton’s newest neighborhoods. “We went online to see what may be available,” said Sarah. “We read through the Wicker Park brochure and really liked what it had to say.” In particular, the brochure states, “Wicker Park is a not-very-big neighborhood with a very big variety of home styles.” This led the Penningroths to go visit the neighborhood so they could look around. “We drove over to check things out, and right off the bat we loved it,” said John. “In fact, there was a sign as you entered the neighborhood that said, ‘homes from the 200’s to 800’s’ which made as feel like there were going to be several options in regards to what we may be able to afford.” Although the couple really liked the neighborhood and the homes, they thought a couple things were a little misleading. “The brochure says, ‘Long trails and wide stretches of nature in almost every direction.’ Maybe it was wide stretches of nature, or just unfinished construction,” said Sarah. Nonetheless, the couple really liked the area, and appreciated the information from the brochure that let them know that, “finding a home that fits your life and your tastes becomes easy.” They began calling the builders of the homes they were interested in and quickly realized they had been had. “There were no homes in the 200’s,” said John. “In fact, we couldn’t find any homes below the 800’s. For a place that trumpets being one with nature, you sure have to have a lot of money to spend some time in a natural setting.” The couple says they will press on and try to continue to find a home in Stapleton, but it probably won’t be in Wicker Park. “I mean, have you seen the homes there?” asked John. “Where are they putting these homes in the 200’s? Underground? Everything we saw was beautiful mansions we couldn’t afford.” The brochure does say, “Everybody has a different idea of what makes a beautiful home.” But, for most people, it’s one they can afford.]]>

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