Eastbridge Residents Look Forward to Meeting New Neighbors Exactly Like Them

Construction of homes along the south side of 26th Ave. is well under way. Soon, several new homes will be completed in the Eastrbidge neighborhood since construction ended on the last home over five years ago. “It’s really great for the Eastbridge community,” said Eastbridge resident Chad Bauer. “There are so many great things going on in our area, and this just adds to it.” Like many of his neighbors, Chad is looking forward to meeting those who will be moving into the homes surrounding the 26th Ave. Park. “Of course, we already have lots of friends in the hood,” exclaimed Chad. “But, when you get older, nothing really new changes, so stories get stale. It’s great to meet new friends who will listen to our old stories and actually be interested in them.” Eastbridge resident Christie Patterson is curious as to what they will be like. “Will they drive a Volvo or will it be an Audi?” Patterson questioned eagerly. “Are they going to be upper middle income, or upper, upper middle income? So many things they could be!” Resident Ron Zimmer has some curiosities of his own. “How white are they going to be,” asked Zimmer? “Like, white-white, or like a more tan white person? Man, I wish they were moving in tomorrow so I could just know.” Other residents want to know about their family dynamic. “How many white kids are they going to have? Two or three?” questioned Clinton St. resident Mark Fulton. “Will the mom be an 8 or a 9? The suspense is killing me.” Residents are expected to move in as soon as this spring, which can’t come soon enough for these eager residents. “I love that Stanley is open, and of course, I am excited about things going on at the Eastbridge Town Center,” said Bauer. “But, I am so looking forward to meeting our new neighbors on the park. “I’m really excited to find out what Big Ten college they attended.” Patterson hopes to build a relationship with the new residents and “maybe get invited to their place in Vail. Or Breckenridge. Wherever they have a place.” Whomever moves into the new homes, we all look forward to the continued diversification of the neighborhood. ]]>

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