Busy Resident Struggling to Understand How Neighbor Keeps House Clean

Kristen Bauer is very similar to her neighbor Justine Winga. They both have two kids, are active stay at home moms who exercise and keep busy social calendars. They are both heavily involved in their children’s’ schools including the PTA and fundraisers. On top of it all, they are really good friends. But one thing seems to really be bothering Bauer lately. “How in the hell is Justine’s house always so clean?” Bauer Wonders. “We both basically have the same schedule, and I know she doesn’t have a cleaning lady more than me. Her kids and husband are just as lazy as my family, so why is it that every time I stop by her house, everything is perfectly clean?” Bauer says the cleanliness applies all the time, not just for scheduled visits. “It would be one thing if everything was just neat and picked up when they had us over for dinner. That makes sense. But, if I stop by unexpectedly to borrow a stick of butter, that damn place is spotless. How in the hell is that possible?” Bauer has been racking her brain to understand how her friend is figuring out a way to keep her place clean and picked up at all times. “I can’t figure out the ‘x’ factor,” said Bauer. “We have almost the exact same life. Even when her kids are home and I can see them running around, the house is still clean. Does she just follow her kids and husband around constantly grabbing and putting things away and cleaning as she trails behind? Is she waking up really early, or going to bed really late? I honestly can’t put my finger on what is different.” Bauer says it has caused slight strain in their relationship. “She doesn’t know how much it is bothering me. Maybe I should just ask her. What hurts is that we have similar friends, and I have to believe when they go to our houses, they talk about how much cleaner her house is than mine. That really bothers me.” Bauer says she’s not even sure she would make a change even if she knew what it was. “Unless it is some magic spell she can tell me, I doubt I will make a big change. I can’t add time into my day, and I need to enjoy life a little around all the crap I do around here.” ]]>

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