Getting Into Orange Theory Class Harder than Actual Workout

Orange Theory fitness continues to grow as they now have hundreds of studios operating in 46 states. Colorado alone has roughly 25 studios. Members rave about the results and about the challenge of the workouts. “I absolutely love everything about it,” said Member Stephanie Jepsen. “I really enjoy the workouts, and love how it tracks what you are doing. Really gives you that sense of accomplishment when you are done.” Troy McFarlane agrees. “I enjoy the intense atmosphere,” said McFarlane. “The group environment is neat as well. And I like that it allows you to compete with yourself and really push yourself.” But don’t let the good times fool you. The classes are meant to be hard. “They are definitely killer workouts,” said Jepsen. “I have done all sorts of exercise regiments, and they really work you.” In fact, according to McFarlane, the only thing harder than the class, is finding space in a class that works with your schedule. “A lot of people who work have similar schedules,” said McFarlane. “So, we all try to get into the same classes, which makes it incredibly hard to get into a class time that works for you. I mean, if you are trying to sign up for the 6:30 class the day before, forget about it. You have no chance. And that’s pretty much the same with the 11:45 and the 5:30. Those are just really hard times to get into a class there. In fact, I think getting a preferred time in the class is harder than the class itself, and the classes are pretty hard.” Jepsen agrees. “I’m not a morning person, but the 6:30 class is perfect, given my schedule. I mean, no way I’m getting up at five. But, apparently, several hundred other people feel the same way, so getting into that class is almost impossible. Sometimes, I work from home just so I can go to the 9:15 class, which doesn’t seem as hard to get into.” McFarlane and Jepsen both agree they will continue to work hard to get into the classes. “You know, it just adds to the challenge,” said McFarlane. “It’s a reminder of how great the class is and how hard it is. Which starts with getting into a class in the first place.”]]>

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