After Trying to 'Get Together' for Six Years, Stapleton Couples Finally 'Get Together'

The Fredricks and Jackson couples have known each other for a long time, seeing each other at various gatherings such as school fundraisers, holiday parties, or just running into each other at the Berk. They always have a fun, easy-going conversations, and appear to have a lot in common. “We always thought they seemed so nice and fun,” said Julie Fredricks. “You could just tell they were good people.” The Jacksons feel the same way about the Fredricks. “Great sense of humor,” said Mike Jackson. “We are always trying to find fun couples to hang out with, and you could tell they were fun.” The couples would talk and laugh, and when they had to leave, they always ended the conversation the same way; “we need to get together sometime.” These conversations happened every time they saw each other over the years, and every time they would again say, “we need to get together sometime.” But, as it is for most people with kids and responsibilities, the couples never got together. “We would think about asking them, then we would realize the kids have something going on, or we were leaving town,” said Shawn Fredricks. “It was always something.” Kelly Jackson also says timing was the main issue. “Our kids are slightly different ages, so figuring that out, we knew would be tough,” says Jackson. “It just seems like there was always something going on, so we just weren’t able to motivate to make it happen.” Two weeks ago, however, the Fredricks and Jacksons finally got together. “We had so much fun,” said Julie. “We went out to The Stanley and ate at Comida then had some beers at Cheluna. We had a blast.” Mike says his only regret is that they didn’t get together sooner. “I really wish we would have made this happen a long time ago,” said Mike. “But, better late than never.” Shawn says the couples already plan to get together again in a few weeks. “We’re going to make sure we don’t wait another six years. So glad we finally got together.”]]>

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