New Technology has King Soopers Carts Insulting Those Not Returning Them

Although the Stapleton King Soopers is criticized for several things, there is one thing that annoys those forced to shop there due to no alternative than anything else:  people not returning their carts.  It affects the parking spaces, bangs up unsuspecting cars, and most of all, simply irritates people that other people are that lazy. King Soopers was the first to develop the anti-theft automatic wheel locking system.  But now, this technology has been used against them, as lazy shoppers park their carts just over the curb, which locks the wheels.  Even worse, good samaritan shoppers who try to bring these carts back in on their arrival must deal with the frustration of the locked wheels. King Soopers partnered with a technology agency and decided on a new path.  “We wanted to know if we could shame people into bringing the carts back,” says Soopers CEO David Dillon.  “What if we could insult people so badly, they would feel obligated to return the carts.”  Along with a market research firm and over 100,000 tests, they realized Dillon’s dream.  If people were insulted, they were 70% more likely to return a cart to an appropriate area. Essentially, a speaker with a GPS device is attached to the cart.  If the speaker is torn off, an alarm goes off immediately, and the shopper is immediately publicly humiliated, however not prosecuted.  As the shopper brings the cart out to their car, the cart politely reminds the shopper to return the cart.  As the cart gets further away, insults grow much stronger as to strengthen the reminder. Dillon did not want to give away all of the secrets of the carts, but did say there is a chance you may be called “a lazy, farting, bastard,” or “a pathetic waste of space not even a mother could love,” or may even ask you insulting questions such as “are you the fattest person in the world?  You are acting like it.” The Stapleton King Soopers expects the carts to be fully operational in early November.  The Soopers experience just got a little bit better.]]>

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