State of the Art Birthing Center to Open in Stapleton

The Stapleton community is excited about the new birthing center opening in August 2012 in EaWe where a school was originally to be located. The new center, which is yet to be named, will have amenities that will blow away anything Rose and St. Joes currently offer. Most importantly, Stapleton residents will finally be able to stop arguing over which hospital is best to have a baby. The new number one will offer a state of the art experience, where the doctor stays in the delivery room from the beginning of labor to birth.  Rooms will also come standard with flat screen televisions, Nintendo Wiis, Bose iPod docking stations, iPads, and the fastest wireless internet connection around. “After you have a kid, your life is essentially over,” says doctor Mike Gaies.  “We want to create an experience where the last free breaths of life for mother and father are not just comfortable, but fun.” A point emphasized with the in-room mini-bar pre-stocked with selections you choose before you check in. In fact, the hospital has created an online selection system for several things including DVDs, massage therapists, mani/pedis, all the way to whether or not the husband will actually have to help in the delivery, and to what degree. “For our first child, I was completely blindsided,” says Sasha Cherry whose wife delivered at Rose.  “All of the sudden, they ask me to grab her leg.  I’m thinking, isn’t this building we are in qualified with hundreds of people that should be grabbing her leg that aren’t me? Sounds like I won’t have to go through that again.” Because of the sheer number of children being born in the Stapleton-Aurora area, it is not expected that Rose and St. Joes will go out of business any time soon. However, it is apparent that the volume of children being born at these hospitals will be going way down.]]>

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