New Site Allows Stapleton Parents to Review Kids After Sleepover

It seems that “sleepovers” are becoming much more common and at younger ages. In some cases, parents are taking a night off for themselves, but in most cases, it’s friends wanting to have their friends stay overnight. The typical process for a sleepover is the child asks the parent for a sleepover with a friend, the parents contact the other parents, they work through the logistics, and then they have the sleepover. Stapleton parent Andrea Miller is looking to change that. “We’ve had a handful of sleepovers at our house and it occurred to me that there was a step that was missing,” said Miller. “Just talking with the other parents and arranging drop off and pick off times wasn’t enough. We live in a world with so much data and such easy access to it. When we stay at a hotel, condo, VRBO, eat at a restaurant, go to a movie, join a fitness class, and on and on, we always have the ability to see a review. What did other people think of the things I am considering doing?” Miller realized there was a market out there for people to review other people’s children when it came to having them stay overnight at their house. “Some kids can be really easy,” said Miller. “And others have all these needs at night, or dietary restrictions or they get bratty and bossy late at night, etc. Parents should have a way to view this information before inviting a problem child into their house overnight.” To help fill this gap, Miller created the online site “KidFriendly” which allows parents to put in a review of kids who they’ve had spend the night at their home. “It’s very similar to Yelp!,” said Miller. “Parents are able to enter a child’s name, their city, and elementary school, and then rate the child.” Miller says it is a five star system and also allows for comments. “We had a girl over who had allergies,” said Miller. “You would think that would be an issue. But, she brought all her own food and was absolutely great. So, I gave her five stars, and then made a comment mentioning allergies and that it wasn’t an issue. It will be really helpful to the next parent(s) who want to have her over. We had another girl who was high maintenance and just wouldn’t settle down. Two stars for her. So, it’s just a way for us parents to look out for each other and our kids for these overnights.” Miller says “KidFriendly” already has almost 500 users, just in the Stapleton area, and she expects to grow quickly. “This service will help parents everywhere,” said Miller. “I know this is something my parents would have loved.” ]]>

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