School Choice: Steps to Take After You Don’t Get in to Swigert

School Choice will be coming up soon, and parents need to understand what “choice” means and how to navigate the rules and make their selection. Obviously, the first step everyone takes is selecting Swigert. The second step for most people is not getting in to Swigert. “People need to understand the majority of them will not get their kids in to Swigert,” said DPS Choice expert Katie Hanlon. “They can’t simply check the Swigert box and think that is all they need to do. There’s a lot more. A heck of a lot more.” Hanlon says too many parents think because they live close to Swigert or have a friend whose child attends Swigert or even know an administrator there they will get a spot. That’s just not the case. “DPS uses complex algorithms that interpret data and make these decisions,” said Hanlon. “They try to leave the human element out of it, so there are no outside influencers.” Hanlon says there is a particular step people are taking during school choice which isn’t part of the process. “Step three for most people is bitching about not getting into Swigert. Why they should be in, how come someone else got in, and of course, denial, believing there is still some hidden door that is going to open up and welcome them to Swigert. But, that door doesn’t exist.” Hanlon says just because someone doesn’t get in to Swigert, they can still have a positive school experience in Stapleton. “Make sure to check a second and third option in Stapleton. Do just a little research, how far are you from each school, do you have any friends who have kids who attend schools other than Swigert, etc. You will get in to one of those schools and have a positive experience. You just need to take off the Swigert blinders.” Hanlon says well over 90% of Stapleton parents end up being happy with their school. So, be happy you live in Stapleton, and not angry you didn’t get into Swigert. Because you won’t get in to Swigert. ]]>

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