Stapleton Mom Can’t Find One F#cking Tupperware Lid

Stapleton mom Jenny Shoemaker works hard every day to make good meals for her kids. Whether it’s packing a healthy school lunch or making a nice dinner, Jenny works to do her best for her family. Jenny also tries to be environmentally conscience so she uses Tupperware containers instead of plastic bags to pack for the kids and to store leftovers. “I just think it is the environmentally smart thing to do,” said Jenny. “So, I try to use reusable containers any time I can. It can get annoying finding the right size container in the cabinet or finding the one I am looking for not dirty in the dishwasher already. But, I suppose it’s a small sacrifice to make to not fill up our landfills with plastic bags.” Recently, Jenny was put to the test on her environmentally sound conviction, however. “For the life of me, I couldn’t find one f#cking Tupperware lid,” said Jenny. “Not one. I mean, I found plenty of containers of the size I needed. Plenty of containers with lids the size I didn’t need. But of course, no lids anywhere of the size I was looking for.” Jenny said she put in a strong search effort before eventually giving up and using a zip loc bag. “I looked in lunch boxes, the dishwasher, backseat of my car, everywhere I could think of. Couldn’t find one of those bastard lids. So, I sacrificed the environment for my sanity and used a zip loc bag. Sue me.” Jenny says she plans to go back to using Tupperware once matching lids and containers start showing up again. “Once I find the right lids with right containers, I’m back to Tupperware. I’m not buying anymore, however. Been through that cycle too many times already.” If you find any of Jenny’s missing Tupperware lids, please post on Next Door or Community Watch.]]>

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