Cold Weather Causes Stapleton Swap Servers to Crash

Last weekend, Denver experienced some colder than usual weather for September with temperatures reaching the mid 40’s. There was rain in Denver, and snow in the mountains. Residents all over Stapleton used the cold weather as an excuse to lay around, watch football, let the kids play on their electrocnial devices and just take it easy. But, for the women of Stapleton, the cold weather was a wakeup call. “I was sitting there looking out the window, when I thought, ‘holy sh#t, my kids don’t have any cold weather clothes that fit,’” said Stapleton mom Linsey Corkery. “I need to figure this out, or my kids will freeze to death.” Linsey immediately went to her most trusted source of used quality kids clothing items, the community Facebook site Stapleton Swap. “I started pouring through posts trying to find stuff for my kids,” said Corkery. “I found some good stuff, then I realized this was a great time for me to get rid of stuff that no longer fit my kids.” Many other moms began doing the same thing. In fact, too many as it turns out.” The extreme concentrated traffic on Stapelton Swap caused the site to temporarily crash. “I was posting tens of items, and all of the sudden I got a message that said, ‘location not found,’” said Stapleton Swap member Jennifer Palmer. “It was extremely frustrating. I was making deals all over the place. It kind of messed my mojo up, if even just for a short time.” The site was back up and running within 10 minutes. According to Swap moderator Christine Frazier, tens of thousands of transactions were completed over the cold, rainy weekend. “It was a great weekend for Swap,” said Frazier. “That’s the purpose of the site. Letting upper middle class people buy great stuff at low income prices. People were making great deals all over the place. Now, whether or not items are ever picked up, well that part is out of our hands. We’re not Amazon.” Stapleton Swap continues to be the best way to bundle up your kids for the winter. ]]>

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