Eastbridge Neighbors Losing Touch After Soopers Opening

The Eastbridge King Soopers has been open for a few months now, and overall, the “new” grocer is a big success. The store has more options in line with what the Stapleton consumer is looking for. The new Soopers has added more organic options, local produce, a salad and sushi bar, a Bistro, authentic Mexican street food, and even a natural body care section. These additions have most certainly helped the image of Soopers in the minds of Stapleton residents who had for years been disappointed in the management of the Quebec Soopers. “The choices do seem to be a lot better,” said Eastbridge resident Brooke Mercaldo. “Heck, my kids even enjoy going there now for the mini-carts. Those things are so damn cute.” Holly McFarlane agrees. “I’m not ashamed to admit I have had a couple sandwiches from the Bistro and they are pretty good,” said McFarlane. “And inexpensive. Sushi is pretty solid as well. I never thought I would say this, but well done, Soopers.” The store layout and options are of course appreciated by the Stapleton consumers, but the greatest thing about the store is the location. “It’s so nice knowing you don’t have to drive a total of 20-25 minutes, including parking just to grab a gallon of milk, or one of the many other things we realize we need right when making dinner,” said Eastbridge resident Amanda Murphy. Eastbridge resident Sam York shares the same sentiment. “Being able to walk, or hop on a bike, and be there and back within ten minutes to grab one or two things has been great,” says York. “No congested parking lot, no dealing with drivers going the wrong way or not paying attention. Just in and out. It’s very nice.” So nice, in fact, that area neighbors are beginning to lose touch. “I used to need butter, milk, catsup, whatever, and would send a text to my neighbors to see if anyone could save me from driving to the Quebec Soopers,” said Eastbridge resident Krystal Lighthall. “Inevitably, one of our kind neighbors would bring what we needed right over, and we would catch up for a couple minutes, share a laugh, etc. Love our neighbors, so it was always great to see them. But now, with the Soopers so close, I never need to ask someone to borrow something. I’m kind of losing touch with my neighbors now.” Kathy Lance is going through a similar situation. “I used to ask to borrow something once a week,” said Lance. “But now, I’m forgetting the names of my neighbors and their kids. I’m starting to think I only spoke to them when I needed to borrow something. Am I a bad person?” According to several people The Stapletonion spoke with, this issue is not isolated. Lots of neighbors are losing touch due to the lack of emergency grocery needs. “I actually talked to one of my neighbors about it,” said resident Sara Nash. “I can’t remember her name right now, but we are talking about doing a wine club or book club or something. You know, something in lieu of us not getting together to borrow food items.” It seems that demanding the store be built brought people together, but now that it’s here, it’s driving them apart.]]>

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