Stapleton Five Year Old Already Outgrowing New F*cking Pajamas

Stapleton five year old Beckett Shannon just turned five a month ago, yet that little f*cker is already outgrowing brand new pajamas his mom purchased for him. “It’s really frustrating,” said mom Nancy. “I mean, they are such cute pajamas, and they say ‘5’ on them. The first time he put them on, they fit totally fine. And now, it looks like I have been drying them constantly for a week. When do kids stop growing? This is getting annoying and expensive.” Nancy says this seems to be happening more frequently now than at other points of Beckett’s life. “I’m aware kids grow,” said Nancy. “But, we usually get some wear out of things, then get some new stuff. It seems like we are just getting something, and suddenly, that stuff doesn’t fit him, after wearing it once or twice. I mean, what’s the point anymore.” Nancy says she will continue to buy clothes for her child, but may be more economical about it. “I think I may go Stapleton Swap only,” said Nancy. “You can get quality items on there for almost nothing. Right now, I’m the one giving away brand new items for basically nothing. I want to be on the other end of this thing.” So, if you have 6/7 pajamas to get rid of, please post on Swap as soon as you can. ]]>

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