To Stapleton Residents: “Tear (Gift ideas) Down (from) That Wall”

Stanley Marketplace has teamed up with the Aurora Housing Authority and Denver Housing Authority for their first-ever giving wall. This is an easy way for area residents to give back to our communities during the Holiday season. Stanley Giving Wall is located in the community area in Stanley in front of the Denver Biscuit Company. The wall includes tags with gift suggestions for children and families in need. Bring the family and come grab one (or some), and then go purchase those items and more for the families to help them have a happy Holiday season. After your shopping is complete, drop off the unwrapped gift items along with the Giving Wall tag(s) at poppy & pine, Trunk Nouveau, or True. The great folks at the Aurora Housing Authority and Denver Housing Authority will take it from there. The Giving Wall will be at Stanley through December 11, and they will continue to replenish it with new tags as many times as they can. Our goal as area residents is to make that part difficult. Let’s grab tags and turn in presents so fast the respective housing authorities have to work overtime to keep up with our demand to help those in need. This is a great opportunity for a teaching moment with your kids, so bring them along. Before leaving Stanley, grab a bite to eat, and then get a *drink to go as you walk around and check out all the great shops at Stanley. *Yes, you can take a roadie out of one of the establishments and do some shopping. That’s a real thing. That’s your Holiday present from me.]]>

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