‘Hamilton’ Coming to The Cube

The hit Broadway play ‘Hamilton’ is coming to the Buell theatre in March, but for most Denver area residents, there is really no chance of getting in to the quickly sold out show. People waited online for hours only to find out they were behind tens of thousands of people or heard the news by 3PM that tickets were sold out. “It was tough to hear as I had promised my wife we would get tickets,” said Stapleton resident Eric Heald. “I had two computers going and was trying to call in, but just no luck.” Area residents who were lucky enough to get tickets made sure to throw it in the faces of everyone else by posting their fortune on social media. “When I had my tickets confirmed, I immediately took a screen shot and posted it on Facebook so everyone would know that I was lucky and they weren’t,” said Stapleton resident Tiffany Bukatz. “It was such a great feeling.” In fact, so many people were ecstatic about getting their tickets you questioned what was better, Hamilton or the tickets themselves. Alas, after the dust had settled during the hectic and short purchase window, only a handful of over thousands of Stapleton residents who were vying for tickets actually got them. “There were so many disappointed residents,” said Stapleton Principal HOA President Paul Harris. “We hate to see that in our utopian community. People need to be happy all the time. I can’t have Stapletonians moping around. It’s bad for home values.” Harris was so distraught about the situation, he made some phone calls, and a large payment out of HOA funds to get Hamilton to come to Stapleton. “This was something we wanted to do for our community,” said Harris. “Plus, we had the availability at our Cube. Have you heard about the Cube?” Harris says the show will be in Stapleton between April and May for twelve showings, and tickets will be on sale and available only to Stapleton residents. “This is something we are doing for our residents, so you have to have your Stapleton HOA card to get in to the show,” said Harris. “Essentially, Hamilton made some changes to their schedule where they won’t be spending as much time in Houston, which was obviously a big win for them as well.” After Harris broke the news on twitter, area residents reacted with excitement. “This is just great news,” said Megan Fecht. “I was really down, and I know, that’s just not Stapleton. But, giving us whatever we want when we want it, that’s Stapleton. So glad the HOA came through.” Resident Lindsay Gill reacted similarly. “Oh. My. God! This is awesome! I was considering moving, but now this! Thank you, Stapleton,” exclaimed Gill. Tickets are expected to go on sale in late February. Enjoy the show. ]]>

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