Principal HOA: Residents Continue to Flee “Shithole” Stapleton Boroughs to Wicker Park, Willow Park East

People have been moving from one Stapleton neighborhood to another for over a decade. Recently, some neighborhoods have seen an increased number of residents moving out and up to the newer neighborhoods up north. “We’ve definitely noticed more people leaving the older neighborhoods, or shithole neighborhoods as we call them, to Willow Park East and Wicker Park,” said Principal HOA Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “It just has that new neighborhood smell that everyone likes. Plus, East 29th Ave., Westerly Creek, and South End are just kind of shitholes.” Although residents notice some of their neighbors have been moving north, they take exception to the Principle HOA calling their neighborhoods “shitholes.” “Did they actually refer to our neighborhood as a ‘shithole?’ questioned East 29th Avenue resident Dana Montgomery. “I mean, without us, there would be no Stapleton. We started this thing and we still love our neighbors and this borough. It’s hardly a shithole.” Westerly Creek resident Jim Shaffer was also taken aback by the comments made by the Principle HOA. “That’s a terribly irresponsible statement,” said Shaffer. “I mean, these are current residents who pay their HOA fees and help make Stapleton a great neighborhood. Almost not believable that a person of authority could call a region a shithole. Hopefully, no one else is okay with this.” Ayers has since backed off her original comments saying it’s just something they say and “really don’t mean anything by it.” “We did not mean to offend anyone,” said Ayers. “But the reality is, I bet when people go to local bars and talk to each other about Stapleton, they probably do call these older boroughs shitholes. So, they know what we’re talking about.” Correction: An earlier version of this story had Ayers calling the neighborhoods “shithouses.” The term she used was “shithole” and the appropriate edits have been made. We apologize for the error.]]>

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  1. Principal HOA Spokesperson Janelle Ayers should be fired for her comment. It is divisive, untrue, and unprofessional. Her so-called apology does not make up for her original comment, especially in view of her “clarification” at the end of the story. Residents of Stapleton who pay dues to Principal HOA should withhold payment of dues until this matter is resolved.

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