2011 Study: Candy-Testing Unnecessary, but Very Tasty

So why does this myth continue to be perpetuated? The answer is easy: adults like candy, too. Parents must keep this myth alive, almost to the extent that they actually believe it while they are tearing into their child’s Snickers bar to “make sure it is safe.” How often are parents taking a bite of that Snowball? Not too often. Let the kids take their chances on that. The myth also gives parents a way to feel more comfortable eating candy in front of other adults. “I’m not a pig. Just saving my child’s life.” The only other situation that comes close to this is tornado warnings. Ever wonder why the dad is up there while you are all stuck in the basement? Are dad’s indestructible when it comes to tornadoes? Do all dads get a minor in meteorology when in college? The answer to these questions is in fact “no.” For the most part, tornado warnings are simply an excuse for dads to get some alone time, have a few beers, and talk to the other dads on their porches looking for funnel clouds with their untrained eyes. In the end, these myths are needed. So, dads keep taking those much needed breaks in the summer, and parents keep enjoying the candy your kids worked so hard to get. You earned it.]]>

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