DPS to Add Door to Door House Calls to Make Sure No One Misses Announcements

Denver Public schools recently announced they will continue to upgrade their communication strategy with their parents. “It is important for DPS to make sure we are making every effort in our communications with our parents,” said DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg. “Now, instead of just getting an email, a Facebook announcement, a Twitter alert, a text, and a phone call, parents can expect a friendly knock on the door.” DPS is contracting out the service to a company providing bi-lingual employees to knock on doors of parents of the roughly 100,000 students attending DPS. “Improving communication has been a big part of our strategy, and this adds a big piece to that,” said Boasberg. “This is something I am pretty sure parents are going to appreciate.” Stapleton residents made aware of the new strategy feel it is unnecessary. “I already hear from them in five different ways,” said Wicker Park resident Allison McGovern. “Besides, I’m not answering the door for a stranger, anyway.” Sara Gerbracht agrees. “Seems like a huge waste of money and resources,” said Gerbracht. “Shouldn’t that money be going in to the schools, not casing the parents to make sure not one person misses an announcement? They text, call, and email you. Who doesn’t have one of those services?” Boasberg says they will evaluate the strategy after this school year and make any necessary adjustments. “We understand not everyone will be home when we come to the door. We will leave fliers for those homes as an additional touch point,” said Boasberg. The new strategy is expected to add between $250-$500k worth of costs for the overburdened school system.]]>

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  1. Building a stronger relationship with all families by having the door to door service will continue to support trust among students, teachers and parents.
    A step in the right direction…..

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