Stapleton Man Quietly Hoping Neighbor Continues to Shovel His Walk This Winter

Keith Plakke does a respectable job at keeping a nice home. He mows his lawn, does some weeding, waters the flowers, and so on. But the winter is a different story. “I hate the cold,” says Plakke. “I don’t like to work in it, drive in it, or be outside when it’s cold at all.” So, as Plakke looks towards the upcoming winter months with disdain, he was quickly reminded of how much he hates it after the recent fall snow. “Even getting dressed is more of a pain in the ass,” said Plakke. “Not to mention getting clothes on the kids. I mean, talk about adding time on to your day.” The one nice thing for Plakke about the winter is that he has a nice neighbor who typically shovels his sidewalk. “It’s a great deal,” says Plakke. “I patiently wait for him to go out and start shoveling, and then I walk out towards the very end, acting as if I was going to help. I’m always very thankful, of course. But, it’s Denver. That snow was going to melt in a few hours anyway, right? Plakke is really hoping the goodwill of his neighbor continues. “If he just stops doing my shoveling, that could completely ruin my winter. I’m not even sure I own a shovel,” said Plakke. Plakke knows that the dead of winter is some months off, but worrying about the situation does cause him angst. “The waiting is the hardest part. Not knowing if I am going to have to do my own work or not. I almost want to just bring him a couple bottles of decent whiskey and sit down and talk about it. That way, it would finally be over.” Unfortunately for Plakke, winter is not.]]>

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