Traffic Reminder: Intersection at 25th & Dayton NOT a 4-Way Stop

The “Shortcut to Stanley” has become busier and busier since it opened just over a year ago. The only traffic on the road back then was headed straight to Stanley Marketplace or maybe to Amina Auto to fix a vehicle. Nowadays Stanley is attracting business from every direction, and people from Aurora are using Dayton as a through street. For the most part, this isn’t a big deal. Except that for some reason, a number of drivers insist on treating the intersection as if it is a 4-way stop. “So many times I am headed up Dayton to turn right to go to Stanley,” said Eastbridge resident Steve Nielson. “I’m waiting for the traffic on 25th traffic to clear, and suddenly, the driver just stops, waiting for me. That’s nice and all, but it’s not a 4-way stop.” Nielson says this has happened to him on several occasions. “There is a dip in the road there for sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop.” Other residents have driven in to the same issue. “It’s really annoying, and dangerous,” says North Central Park resident Amber Gerber. “Why are they stopping? Are they going to go right when I do? Is someone going to go around them and hit me?” City officials have been alerted of the issue, and agree something needs to be done. “When I drove over there just to observe the sight, it happened to me first thing,” said Aurora City Traffic Engineer Mark Lewis. “It’s very likely we just add two stop signs and call it a day. Must be that our brains think there should be a stop sign there so just fill in the blank.” Until the issue is resolved, area drivers are reminded that they should obey actual street signs, not ones they think should be there.]]>

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  1. How can we make this a 4-way stop? Seems like that is the logical solution to the problem, since traffic is increasing due to increased business as Stanley Marketplace.

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