Auction Guest Stunned After Realizing Event was “For the Kids”

Shane Campbell had been looking forward to the party High Tech Elementary was throwing for a month. “It was an opportunity to meet new people that have kids at our school, and an excuse to get us out of the house for a while,” said Shane. “We already know lots of people there, so we were going to have a dinner party beforehand, and kind of cut loose for the night.” The Campbells had a sitter all set to go for the event, and were very excited to get away from the kids and have an evening for themselves with their friends. According to Shane, the night started off great. “We met up with friends at Punch Bowl Social and did some bowling, some eating, and some drinking,” said Shane. “It was a blast. And we were just getting going.” The couples then headed off to the Hangar for the school auction. “We knew we were going to see more friends, and drink more booze,” said Shane. “So, as good as it was, things were going to get better.” Shane and his party arrived at the auction casually late, and a little buzzed. “We saw lots of parents we see at the school, but never get a chance to speak with,” said Shane. “I was looking forward to doing some socializing.” Shane grabbed his wife a wine and himself a craft beer, and they began walking around. “We started mingling, meeting people, really having a great time. It was so much fun.” Shane was on top of the world, when suddenly the principal walked to the front of the room by a large projection screen. “So, she asks for our attention, and we see a PowerPoint presentation up on the screen,” said Shane. “No good party has ever included a PowerPoint presentation. I was freaking out.” Things got worse before they got better. “Three slides in I find out this whole thing was for the kids,” said Shane. “I was shocked. I came to meet with people and get a night out away from my kids, and I come to find out this entire thing was for the kids? It was really a buzz kill. We sat there through a 20 minute presentation and learned that schools need funding, and they need our help…you know, for the kids.” Shane says that he will be more careful next time when deciding to go to an event without a complete understanding as to what it’s about. “Hey, buyer beware, I guess. Won’t make that mistake again.”]]>

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