Man Finally Getting Used to Not Flirting with Waitresses at Stanley Beer Hall

Slightly over a year ago, the Stanley Beer Hall changed it’s layout so that customers must pour their own drinks, which includes several great options. Of course, for those who don’t handle change well, it was a tough transition. “The idea of having to get my own drinks was just not something I was used to in my bar experience,” said local patron Tim Jensen. “At first I thought it would take something away from the social experience. After going there several times, I would bitch less and less, and pretty soon, I realized I actually liked it.” Jensen wasn’t alone in his slow acceptance of the concept. “No one carried a drink over to me,” said barfly Marc Graham. “I had to get up, walk over and get my own drinks. That walk always seemed so long. Eventually, I realized that not only was I able to get my drinks faster, I was also getting my steps in. It was win-win.” Jamie Hansen was even slower to accept the changes. “I think what you miss out on is that personal attention,” said Hansen. “I mean, I think there is value in developing that personal rapport with the wait staff, especially Samantha, that adds a lot to the bar experience. When they made you serve yourself, they not only lost some of the staff, they lost that feel…and look. The look, well, that was important, too.” Hansen continued to go to Stanley Beer Hall, most often against his own wishes. “Friends still wanted to go there because it does have a great outdoor drinking area, good food, and whatever,” said Hansen. “But it took me a while to understand why Samantha, or I guess anyone, wasn’t getting me my beer anymore. God I miss her…service. I miss her service.” Ultimately Hansen says he is close to being over the change, and is ready to move on and fully accept pouring his own beers. “It’s hard, but I’m taking it day by day,” said Hansen. “I guess it’s totally fine, even if I don’t get to try to develop those important relationships with the staff. Doesn’t mean Samantha shouldn’t come back in every once and a while just to say hi, but whatever. I need to move on. There’s more beer to drink and I don’t have to wait to ask for it. I can just run up and grab it. Maybe I can drink enough to make the memories of the staff just go away.” The Stanley Beer Hall encourages you to drink responsibly. Even if that means keeping the memory of Samantha forever. ]]>

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