Resident Beginning to Feel Less Trashy When Buying Beer at King Soopers

Greg Campbell has lived in Stapleton for over 10 years, and in Colorado for about 20. During almost all of that time, he would have to purchase his beer at a liquor store, which he wasn’t used to from his home state of Iowa. “In Iowa, you can get your groceries and grab your beer all in one stop,” said Campbell. “When I moved to Colorado, I had to get used to making two stops. Then, of course, they used to have that ridiculous Sunday thing.” Campbell didn’t immediately switch to buying all his beer from the grocery store. “At first, it was something I only did late at night, like I was ashamed of it,” said Campbell. “Then, as their selection improved, I started being a little more brash about it. Buying it before 5PM, walking out with four to five six packs, and so on. It’s getting a little easier.” Campbell admits he still feels stigmatized when walking out of King Soopers with beer in his hand. “I definitely feel like I get some looks. Which is weird, because if you walk out of a liquor store any time of day, no one cares. I guess it’s the same thing as drinking at a pool. Someone sees you drinking at an outdoor pool, they assume you’re having a relaxing, fun day. If you’re spotted drinking at an indoor pool, you’re an alcoholic.” For Campbell’s position, he’s getting more comfortable. “Part of it is just the time and money of it. One stop, great deals, it’s close by. Just makes it easy.” Campbell says he is not done going to liquor stores, however. “I still need to get my whiskey and wine,” says Campbell. So, when I need to stock up or have company coming, I still go to Colorado Beverage Company. They still have the biggest selection and best deals on beers. But, if it’s nine o’clock on a Monday night, and the beer fridge is empty, there’s no shame in heading to King Soopers…right?” ]]>

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