Stapleton Homeowners Get HELOC to Improve Value of Home So They Can Get Another HELOC

The Eichorn’s have lived in Stapleton for eleven years now, and they decided they wanted to make some upgrades. “There are just some things around here that we wanted to change,” said Rudy. “We needed paint on the exterior and interior, and there are other things we are considering as well.” Rudy’s wife Nicci is leading the charge for the changes. “I just see some of the cool things my neighbors are doing, and yes, I am definitely trying to ‘keep up with the jones’s.’” Because the Eichorns have lived in their place so long and Stapleton property values continue to increase, they have built up a decent amount of equity in their home. “We decided instead of pilfering our savings, we would get a HELOC,” said Rudy. “There are all sorts of great offers going on right now, and we knew we have some real good equity in this place.” The Eichorns were hesitant to state the actual amount they are getting, but admitted they will be able to do some of the projects they are hoping to complete. “We look forward to getting these things done so we can start having people over,” said Nicci. Nicci confesses there is another benefit to completing some of these projects. “We think with the things we are doing, it could add another 20 to 30 thousand dollars of value to our house,” said Nicci. “Which means we may be able to get another HELOC and do even more projects to impress our neighbors. It’s really an exciting time.” Rudy isn’t sure if they will try to take advantage of these possibilities, but is excited to say the least. “I’m not saying we are going to do it, but man, there are a lot of possibilities to really impress our neighbors.” ]]>

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