Resident Opens P90X Class for Babies

Stapleton has long been considered a very fit community. There are several different group exercise programs for adults, ranging from the very intense such as Stapleton Crossfit, to simple walking groups. With the Bladium and the new rec center, there is definitely something for everyone. There are also lots of programs for kids, including Stapleton All Sports, Stapleton Lax, the YMCA, and rec center programs. But local mom Jenny Southall saw an area where she felt Stapleton was behind: baby fitness. Of course there are mommy and me yoga classes as well as Stroller Strides, but those focus almost entirely on the moms. Other classes encourage dancing, walking, and overall movements, but Jenny felt that none of these classes offer the intense workouts necessary to help one to three year olds lose that unsightly baby fat. So Jenny decided to take it to the next level. “I have been doing P90X now for two years, and I am extremely pleased with the results,” said Jenny. “I have been able to lose weight and keep it off. So, I thought, why am I not letting my two year old already understand the benefit of extremely intense exercise?” Jenny went to work adjusting the current P90X classes so that they would work for babies. “We obviously had to make several adjustments to the movements, but the concept is still the same,” says Jenny. “You are working your body to exhaustion, and yes, just like adults, the babies sometimes cry during the workouts. The important thing is to push them through it.” There are currently about 10 babies in the six days a week baby P90X class, and the mothers seem to be enjoying it. “I can tell Gavin is already getting stronger both mentally and physically,” says parent JoAnn Carney. “We are so excited to see where he is at after the first cycle.” Jenny hopes to continue the classes here in Stapleton and eventually sell videos of the program across the nation. As Jenny says, “It is never too early to start getting fit.” ]]>

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