Stapleton’s Fuel Efficient/Low Emission Parking Spots Remain Empty

Stapleton’s continuing effort to “out-green” the world has been a strong one, but not all concepts have gone over with flying colors. In an effort to promote the small trend of people buying green or fuel-efficient vehicles, Stapleton has endorsed parking spots at different locations which are tabbed as “Fuel Efficient Vehicle-only” spots. These spots are most prevalent at the Stapleton Recreation Center and SMIS Elementary School. To date, not one fuel efficient car has parked in any of these spots. That is not to say that the spots have not been parked in, as the recreation center spots have served as a place for cheating couples to make out, and at SMIS several parents park in these spots while waiting for their kids, knowing they will not get towed. However, nothing at this point indicates that the parking spots are actually going to encourage people to buy fuel efficient vehicles, and furthermore, use those particular parking spaces. In fact, local resident John Gates, a Prius owner, actually refuses to park in the spot, even though he is entitled to the good parking. “The idea is that I am doing it for the environment,” says Gates. “I really don’ think anyone is going to buy a $30,000 vehicle for a slightly better parking spot in their local neighborhood. Now, if you could get these spots all over downtown, or cheaper garage parking, now your talking.” Leanne Jewell, a Volt owner agrees. “I already have a complex about people thinking I am a self-righteous b-i-t-c-h. I don’t need my own parking spot to confirm that.” Forrest City issued this statement regarding the use, or lack thereof, of the parking spots. “It is not important that the spots are currently used, or that they ever will be used. The important thing is that we have them, marked nicely with signs, which means we are doing our part to save the world.” Yes, but not a lot to help a world with limited parking. ]]>

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