Spotted: Stapleton Man Better Looking Than Wife

Resident Kelly Seery and his wife Tara were recently walking down the 29th St. Parkway when they saw another couple heading towards them.  Something was different about this couple, for Stapleton anyway.  As they finally came face to face with the other couple, and exchanged hello’s, they realized what was so different about these two.  The husband was better looking than the wife.  “I couldn’t believe it,” said Tara, who is significantly more attractive than her husband.  “The husband was definitely better looking.  Not even a tie.”  Her homely husband Kelly agrees.  “At first I thought, ‘maybe they are brother/sister,’ but siblings don’t hold hands, do they?”  At this point, the circumstances on how this was able to happen are unknown.  “Maybe she has a really wealthy family,” guessed Tara.  That hypothesis is definitely in the running along with the possibilities of the husband having low self esteem, or an extremely dull personality.  “It could be a personality issue,” guessed Tara, “but I have met a lot of boring dudes here in Stapleton that have hot wives.”  Residents are being asked to be tolerant if they see this couple and try to treat them like any other couple in Stapleton, where the wife is significantly more attractive than her spouse.]]>

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