Stapleton Couple Uses Facebook to Strengthen Marriage

Robert and Barbara Christin have been married for 12 years, and they have two wonderful children, Aiden and Madison.  They both keep regular jobs, and when they are not busy at work, they are running from one child’s event to the other.  This is not unlike any other couple, but all of this leaves little time to express their emotions for one another.  They do have the occasional sexual intercourse, which is nice, but even then it is hard to express their true feelings.  Facebook to the rescue.  “It was on our anniversary when Robert gave me the most wonderful surprise,” said Barbara.  “I was checking my ‘friends’ Facebook posts when I saw that Robert had posted this message:  ‘Happy anniversary to the best wife in the world, and for 12 great years.  I love you Barbara.’  I mean, isn’t that the most romantic thing ever!”  It is.  Robert even ‘poked’ Barbara which she thought was cute.  The relationship is hardly a one-way Facebook love-fest.  “On my birthday, which she became aware of because of Facebook, she did the sweetest thing,” said Robert.  “She posted on her wall:  Happy Birthday to the greatest husband in the world.  I love you so much, honey!”  More couples could learn from Robert and Barbara’s example.  Leading couple’s counselor Eric Lewis says that there is really only one negative side effect.  “You do run the risk of making all of your friends that see your posts sick to their stomachs.”  Seems like a small price to pay for a healthy marriage.]]>

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