Stapleton Firefighters “Keeping Busy”

The local firehouse in Stapleton is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to firehouses.  The fire “play” station includes state of the art facilities, including large flat screen televisions, Direct TV with all of the sports packages, a fitness center, and even a spa.  “Everyone wants this to be their station,” said fireman Blake Williams, whose most dangerous call in his nine months in Stapleton has been getting the keys out of a locked car.  “We just don’t get the types of calls people do in other parts of the city.”  It is true that horrible car wrecks, electrical fires, and “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” calls are significantly lower in Stapleton than in other parts of the city.  Firefighters play lots of cards, watch movies, and some are even learning a foreign language in the education center.  “We never get board,” said Williams.  “We make runs to the grocery store, get some coffee from Starbucks, and grab a burrito from Chipotle when we can.”  There are some challenges in being a firefighter in Stapleton, however.  “It’s really hard going home.  I mean, 24 hours here in these incredible living conditions, then I have to head back to my place.  It ain’t easy.”  If there is an actual emergency in Stapleton, the firemen are ready.  “Oh, we are all set to go.  We watch a lot of Rescue Me in HD.  Don’t hold your breath, though.  Nothing’s going to happen.”]]>

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