Central Park Blvd. Exit Offers Scenic Route to Havana Exit

When Forrest City and the City of Denver decided to build the Central Park Exit, they certainly had the new 711 in mind. Although you cannot get directly to Stapleton from Northfield or the I-70 exit, you can easily be diverted to the Havana St. exit right to the 711. While driving on I-70, Stapleton residents may be tempted to take the Central Park Blvd Exit hoping to get dumped into the heart of Stapleton. Drivers taking that chance will get the pleasant surprise of being diverted right back on to I-70, headed straight for the Havana Exit. On Havana, residents will get a chance to pass by the 711, be held up in a 4-way stop, potentially get to see a train, and even pass by the county jail and women’s’ prison. Getting back up to Central Park via MLK takes about another 10 minutes, but if you enjoy the aforementioned sites, and you have the time, we encourage all residents to exit 70 via the Central Park exit, or you can take it on your way home from Target. ]]>

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