Family That Produced Holiday Light Show Plans to Tackle Larger Project in ’12

The Holloway family put on quite a show this season at their home near Swigert-McAuliffe Intergalactic School. Cars lined up nightly in the parking lot to listen to the music and watch the impressive coordination of the music and the lights. Everyone was impressed. Well, not everyone. Warren Holloway, creator of the show, believes he can go bigger. “What we did this year was okay,” explains Warren. “But did it really say Happy Holidays the way the Holloways want it to be said? Probably not. Next year, we are going to blow this thing out, and it won’t be at our home.” Warren went on to reveal the location of the next light show. “We plan to light up the control tower. We have already spoken with people on the appropriate committees and they love the idea. This is our next big challenge.” Warren said they plan to start putting the lights up in August, and plan to get volunteers for some of the help. All of the lights will have already been purchased at Sam’s Club, for an estimated cost of only about $15,000. “We know this is something the community is going to get behind. We may even have some sort of donation bucket to give to the ‘save the tower’ foundation.” Plans for the show have already been drawn up, and Warren says he plans to use more modern Christmas music as opposed to the classical they used this year. “We think we could go with a medley of some of the more modern holiday hits like John Denver’s ‘Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk this Christmas.’” The Stapletonion will be a part of sponsoring the lighting project and will aid in recruiting volunteers. More information will be posted this summer, and we appreciate any help. ]]>

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