Prairie Dogs Remind Residents “We Have Rights Too”

In a desperate attempt to save their lives and homes, the prairie dogs have posted signs letting Stapleton residents know they have rights. Head prairie dog “Dougey” is leading the attempt. “What’s frustrating to us is that we have lived here much longer,” says Dougey. “And now, they want to clear us out to create a park? No justice.” Forrest City does not agree with Dougey. “We told these prairie dogs five years ago they would have to go,” says project leader Mike Christensen. “We can’t be blamed if they have not found new homes. In fact, when real estate is tough to get for humans, it is easy to get for prairie dogs. It should be high times for prairie dogs.” “The issue is not finding another place,” says Dougey. “We know we could do that. But this is our home now.” The Stapletonion conducted some research but was unable to find any information on the actual rights of prairie dogs. “It is more of an attempt to get rights,” says Dougey. “No, there is nothing currently that says we have specific rights.” If prairie dogs were able to get rights, Dougey outlined what those would be:

  • Be paid fair market value for our current homes
  • Two year extension to find new homes
  • Be given a relocation package
  • Allowed one member/voice on SUN Board and all its committees
  • Right to bear arms
At this point it is highly unlikely that any rights will be granted to the prairie dogs, however we must applaud their efforts.]]>

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