Stapleton Mom Takes on Responsibility of Disciplining Other Peoples’ Kids

Liza Kampstra is a hard-working stay at home, Stapleton mom. She is the household manager, as she takes care of the dishes, laundry, cleaning, paying the bills, and most importantly, she takes care of her two kids Kayla (6) and Rylan (4). She drops them at school, gets them dressed, takes them to the park, gives them baths, and carts them around to several other activities. If that’s not enough, she has taken on another responsibility. Helping other parents discipline their kids. “It’s something I take very seriously,” says Kampstra. “I’ll be at the park and see people letting their kids climb on things they shouldn’t be climbing on, and I will let those kids know that what they are doing is wrong. It is very satisfying to me, but also helpful to the kids and their parents.” Local parent Jessica Miller disagrees. “I can’t stand it when I am out with my kids and Liza decides she wants to ‘help out.’ I like to decide on what my kids can and can’t do.” Liza doesn’t just stop at suggestions at the park, she talks to other peoples’ kids at restaurants, schools, the pool, grocery stores, and other retail stores. “Kids’ behavior can be changed, but you need to constantly be reinforcing good behavior,” says Kampstra. “Most people let their kids do all sorts of things that they shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes, I don’t even think the parents know what their kids should and shouldn’t be doing. That’s where I come in.” Most all moms could learn a thing or two from Liza. Liza says parents can learn more about how to discipline their kids by following her blog at ]]>

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