SUN Diversity Report: Strawberry Blondes Increased 7% in ‘11

When Forrest City originally proposed the Stapleton development project to the city of Denver, they had agreed to create a diverse, urban neighborhood where people from all cultures would feel comfortable. That didn’t just mean the light blondes and the dark blondes, that also meant the strawberry blondes. For years, the SUN Diversity Committee has been pushing Forrest City to live up to its promises and trying to get more strawberry blondes into the Stapleton community. This last year showed the most significant movement towards Forrest City’s original promise of a diverse community. “This is great news, as we have been committed to this all along,” said Forrest City President Phil Dargosssi. “This is not the end of it, as we hope to continually see gains in this area over the next several years until we have fulfilled our promise to the city.” Stapleton residents have certainly noticed the increased diversity. “This has been great,” said Nikki Olds. “The other day I saw a strawberry out walking with their family. It was great seeing diversity and any time I see one of them, I always make sure to say hi so they feel welcome.” The SUN Diversity Committee would still like to see more from Forrest City. “We know they are making strides,” said committee chairman Mark Schwab. “But they still have a long ways to go. We want to have it so that people hardly even notice when strawberries walk down the street. That would be the culmination of all our hard work.” Forrest City recognizes they have a ways to go, but is proud of their progress in 2011. A great year to be a strawberry in Stapleton.]]>

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