Central Park Blvd.-29th Ave. Intersection Feels Lonely

The construction is done, and the median removed. The traffic lights are up, and cars come and go. More than likely, the experts were right, and the intersection will be safer. However, there is something missing. The feeling of togetherness that a four way stop can bring. Being able to look your neighbors, and even people from Aurora, in the eye and give a hand wave to say, ‘no, you were here first, you go ahead’ was a special feeling. That is all long gone now. “I really miss the old intersection,” says Stapleton resident Joe Schmit. “Yeah, I know in the long run it is probably better, but it just seems so barren without the median and lonely with no one to look at when you come to a stop.” “Was there any way we could have at least kept a patch of grass or something in the middle,” questions resident Adam Koch. “Functionality-wise, it is great. But from an artistic perspective it fails on every aspect.” Residents are confident that the new look will grow on them, but for now it even can seem confusing. “I get to the light, and I am basically lost,” says Kelly Lance. I don’t even recognize the area, and sometimes have to use my GPS.” In the end, it was a victory for safety, but an abomination of art. ]]>

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