New Stapleton Dentistry Continues “Hot Dentist” Trend

For dentists planning to open a practice in Stapleton, they know they have to bring their “A” game. Coming in with a fancy degree and an experienced staff simply aren’t enough in this community. You have to have a pretty face. A really pretty face. Dr. Amy Kimball understands this, and is aware of the competition in the community. Within a one-mile radius, Stapleton residents have their choice of smoking hot dentists Dr. Preet Clair, Dr. Carrie Dougherty, and Dr. Kate Steele. “We did a lot of research before moving into Stapleton,” says Dr. Kimball. “We know we are going to have a tough time starting out, but I am doing my best to keep in shape and keep up with the latest fashions and most expensive perfumes.” University of Colorado cultural anthropologist Mike Wagner tries to explain why this trend is occurring. “We have studies dating back to the 1980’s, and continue to look at these trends today,” says Wagner. “People apparently prefer to be around attractive people. Historically, this has been prominent in the sales field, especially in the medical device and pharmaceutical sales fields, but other industries have now gravitated to it, including the medical profession.” Wagner goes on to discuss the stereotypes of attractive people in the medical profession not being as intelligent as their unattractive competitors. “Attractive people, especially women, have historically not gone into medicine simply because they have been given easier options in life,” says Wagner. “But the truth is the intelligent attractive women see the huge opportunity in getting into fields typically dominated by men, or unattractive women. They can come in and immediately make an impact on the market.” Dr. Amy Kimball said she plans to take out two full page ads in the March Front Porch, including her dressed in her specially designed sexy new dentist outfit. “We hired a clothing company out of New York for all of our outfits,” says Kimball. “We knew we couldn’t just come in with the same old game plan.” Dr. Kimball is right. Coming into Stapleton, you have to bring your best, and you better have on a pretty game face. ]]>

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