Stapleton Burglar Takes Only Piece of Mind

Stapleton residents Scott and Heidi Andreasen live in EaWe on Clinton Street. They have great neighbors, a great home, and two wonderful children, Abi (4) and Casey (6). The family has loved living in their Stapleton home, partly because they feel safe and secure. That all changed on December 11th. “We came home from a four day trip back to Michigan for an early Christmas,” says Heidi. “We were bringing our luggage in and getting settled when we noticed that a few things didn’t seem right.” Heidi mentions that they were pretty sure the toaster had been put away but was now sitting out, and they had set the thermostat for 68, yet it was displaying 70. Furthermore, some of the kids toys were in the wrong buckets. “We immediately called 911,” said Scott. “We left the house and went to a neighbors until the police got there, just in case they were still in the home.” Responding officer Aaron McClelland says there was no sign of a break in. “We checked the locks on the doors and the windows. From what we could tell, there were no signs of a B&E. That’s breaking and entering to you.” Scott insists that no one has a key to their place, and for safety reasons, they don’t even have a hide-a-key. “I am not saying the police are wrong,” says Scott. “I’m simply saying that even if they didn’t break in, someone got into this house.” After a thorough check of all valuables and key children’s toys, Heidi found nothing missing. “We are happy that we have our possessions, but the horror of knowing someone has been in our house will haunt us forever. It is an incomprehensible violation.” “We will move on,” says Scott. “We are definitely going to upgrade our security system as well as maybe get a dog. A real dog, not those yappy small dogs that somehow pass for dogs.” Police encourage everyone to keep their doors and windows locked, and be vigilant when it comes to looking after their own homes as well as their neighbor’s homes. ]]>

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