24 Hour Shut Down of Stapleton Moms Causes Chaos

The popular Yahoo group Stapleton Moms shut down last week in solidarity with Wikipedia in a stand against the proposed legislation SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Stapleton Moms has several posters that share video links on topics such as how to calm a crying baby to short workout videos. “We understand the intent of the legislation,” says Stapleton Moms moderator Amanda Witherow. “We just think the legislation is a little too aggressive.” Shutting the site down was supposed to be a simple nod of support to those also against SOPA including Google and Wikipedia. However, there were unforeseen negative circumstances. Mothers were heard screaming for help as they clamored to find information on what type of formula they should give a baby with a sensitive stomach, what the best skin lotion is for kids, if the zoo was worth going to in the winter, what age is Kung Fu Panda II suitable for, and should they get their kids a Wii. These questions went unanswered for a full day, as some women resorted to going door to door for answers, tears in their eyes. “Sometimes we forget how important this site is,” says Witherow. “We regret the panic and concern we caused, and assure the mothers in Stapleton their cries for help will never again go unheard.” Yet another unintended consequence was having several homes turn into the white trash look typically reserved for Missourians. “We put about 30 items on our porch to simply give away,” says resident Sandy Doyle. “Normally, we just put it out there, post it on Moms, and it is gone in about an hour. It was out there all day.” About 350 other residents reported the same issue. “We intend to do what we can to fight unfair legislation,” says Witherow. “However, we will do it in ways that do not disrupt our users and the community.” Witherow plans to set up a Stapleton Moms hotline in case the popular user group has any future unplanned disruptions. ]]>

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