After Long Wait, Stapleton to Get Another Car Wash

Stapleton residents have long been clamoring for a new car wash. The Happy Shiny Car Wash headlines the Havana Town Center in the EaWe neighborhood in Stapleton, but other sections of Stapleton have been left Car Washless (without a carwash). Forrest City President Phil Dargossi has confirmed the independently reported information. “We are proud to say that another car wash is coming to Stapleton. The voices of the residents have been heard, and we are making it happen.” The new car wash is hardly a slap to the face of the current car wash, in fact, it is more of a compliment. “When EaWe got their car wash, everyone else in Stapleton was jealous,” says Classic Stapleton resident Kirstin Lear. “We go there when we can, but it is so far away and of course there are huge lines. The new one will be a little closer, and with more competition, lines everywhere will be shorter.” The new car wash will potentially bring other businesses Stapleton neighborhoods have been looking for including fast food chains, check cashing stations, and possibly a hard-liquor only store. “For Stapleton to truly become urban, we have to get in tune with the truly urban American neighborhoods,” says Dargossi. “If that means opening a tobacco store next to a gun store, that’s what we are going to do.” Construction is expected to begin in April, with the grand opening in early May. “We couldn’t be more excited says,” Kirstin. The rest of Stapleton agrees. ]]>

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